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How Mycarkeys Started ?

 I started Mycarkeys in 2010 after I lost car keys for my Toyota Camry. After going to the dealer,. They told me I have to wait almost 2 hr for a new set and the price they wanted to charge was an overwhelming $225 dollars for a non remote Head key!

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 I thought to myself that there must be a faster, cheaper solution; I became engrossed with the subject. After taking several locksmith courses and combining my past computer knowledge with my passion for cars, I began solving this issue. The Technology Every transponder chip holds a unique code. Most people mistake their programmed key fob for the transponder but it’s actually just used to operate the locks. The transponder is a small chip or glass tube embedded in the plastic key head or inside of the remote circuit board. The transponder is needed to start the car and it usually has a very long cryptic code that cannot be read without the proper technology. Why We Charge Less In some cars, like the Honda Prelude, if you lost all car keys, you will not be able to use your car until the ECU (computer inside the car) is either replaced or reprogrammed. Often the dealer will completely replace the ECU in order for the vehicle to accept new keys. This is what they charge you for! The price ranges from $500 to $4000 dollars! We can resolve any issue that a dealer can for a significantly cheaper price because we work with the original ECU, configuring its chip to accept new keys. 

 MyCarKeys Beat Dealership Prices.
MyCarKeys is always buying new gadgets and computers to keep up with todays technology. People call us all the time and say that the dealer said that there the only ones that can make that key or program it. I guess when your prices are that high, you have to blow smoke. Every year we gain strength with the capabilities to do more car keys and remotes than ever before. The cars listed in the categories section of this website are the majority of the cars we work on at this time. As time passes we look forward to adding equipment and learning procedures to be able to do additional cars and bring even more savings to our customers. If your car isn’t listed, we still might be able to help so please call for more information. 226-345-5784