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Canadian Automotive locksmith for Car smart keys fob remote.
All car key lost, Spare, Stolen, Cheap computer electronic transponder car chip key copy cutting  programming replacement in Windsor Ontario Canada,

Dodge Ford Jeep, Chrysler, Kia, Hyundai, GM, Pontiac, Lincoln, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Cherverlot, Honda, Acura, Nissan, Infinity, Toyota , Lexus, VW, AUDI and more.

Dodge Chrysler jeep used PCM ECU flashing cloning service in Windsor Ontario.

Battery change in remote and programming smart keys for Automotive Car Industry.

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Store Front located in Windsor Ontario.
Our Address is : 3021 Dougall Ave Windsor Ontario N9E1S3

We also offer Mobile Automotive Locksmith Service and Air Bag SRS Module Reset by Appointment.
Serving Essex County. LaSalle ,South ,East and West Windsor Ontario, Bell River, Tecumseh, Amherstburg , Kingsville,  Leamington Ontario Canada

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What we do Best
We provide Automotive Spare key replacement and Airbag Module Crash  Reset service at our Windsor, Ontario location for best value, affordable alternative to the overpriced dealer.

Our expertise is not limited to  just car keys. We are up to date on technology and provide solutions to most complex automotive module programming and EEPROM memory chip diagnosis and  micro processor soldering.

Family Owned  Established Store Front On 3021 Dougall Ave Serving WIndsor Ontario for  Over 10+ Years. Excellent reputation in  Automotive Locksmith industry and well Known in  Windsor Essex and Surrounding areas.
Laser key cutting ( High Security Keys) 
Smart push to start car keys. 
Generating all key lost key programming from car computer module immobilizer eeprom.
Broken Toyota GM Honda Lexus key shell body case repair Key fob replacement and copy. 
Key fob remote repair service.
Duplicate automotive car keys. 
Battery replacement in smart keys and automotive remotes and fobs. 
Key cutting with Automotive key code. 
 Air Bag Light  SRS/RCM Module computer Crash data Reset.
Honda Stuck Ignition repair Service.
Jeep Chrysler Dodge RAM SKIM reset delete service
FCA dodge Chrysler Jeep used pcm ecu vin write reprogramming
FCA dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM WIN/WCM module programming


We Cut standard and High Security Laser Automotive Car Computer Chip Keys with electronic transponders


Smartkeys, transponder chip, Remotes,Fob,Clicker, and remote Controls for Automotive Industry


We repair Broken Keys, button and Remote Shell for most Common Cars.